What Mario character are you??

What Mario character are you??

Do this test to find out whick character YOU are!!!! Please comment and folow thanks ★★★★♪♪♪♪♪♪

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Lets start simple thanks for doing this by the way ok whats your fav colour!!???

Red is the bestest!!!
Green all the way!!!!
Pink power lol!!!
Yellow beats all!!!!
None im to busy trying to kill mario!!!

Ok which of these suit you best!!!???

Im brave strong and always try to save the day i need to be the star!!!
Im afraid of alot of things but when im needed must i face my fears and help out!!!
Im the most girly person u well ever meet lol!!!!!?????
Im strong mean and i love moneyy more than ANYTHING!!!!!!
Im always causeing trouble for the hero and luv kidnapping!!!

Third one now easy whos your favourite mario character!?!?

Mario duhh!!
Go go Luigi
Peach Peach we luv peach!!!
B b b b Bowser!!
W A R I O wat does tht spell Wario!!

You see an army of koopas and goombas attacking what do you do!?!

Hide i hate goomba!!
Meh!!!! Ive got money to count!!!
Im the one who told them to attack sure!!!
Save the day duhh!!!
Im being kidnapped helppp!!!!!

What do you hate most??

Letting bowser win!!
Scary things!!!
Being broke!!
Being kidnapped