Is This Real? WWFFY part 2

Is This Real? WWFFY part 2

You're first day on the job! Well, not really you've been doing this for what seems like years. Looking at bodies, seeing how they were murdered, ect.

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After bumping into a few strangers and apologising along with awkward eye contact, you make your way to your desk. Combing your hair/spikes/quills out of your face you frown. Sure your desk was a mess, but you could find everything easily enough.
"Oops!" A feminine voice jeered knuckling the pot of pens on your desk over. "I'm so sorry darling, though, I don't know how you find anything in this mess." Rouge. Picking up the pens you quickly scan your desk for your's not there.

"Why are- Rouge!"
"Rouge, so predicable."
"But why...?"
"I'm actually not that messy-"
"It would be a shame if the boss were to find out you're messing with other people's case work, Rouge"

She has been like this ever since you were hired, she was supposed to get a promotion and earn a lot more money but when you were hired there was no need for the extra work. Now, she takes pride in seeing you fail.
"Where's my paperwork?" Ask fiercely turning towards the bat who smirked devilishly at you.
"I wouldn't know, dear" She leans against your desk drumming her fingers on the metal base. Spying a envelope in her hand bag you snatch it up.
"Hey!" She yells reaching it to it. You pull the envelope out, your paperwork.

"Hey, it's not my fault i'm better then you in every way, BITCH-"
"Again, too easy, if you want to challenge me though we can take this outside"
"Found it! :D Ninja skills!"
"Of course it's in your bag, either that or hidden on your desk somewhere, YOURS is the real mess!"
"Yoik! Too bad Rouge."

"Stay out of my things, bat." You snarled pointing the envolope at her for emphisis. Rolling her eyes Rouge scoffs and wonders off, her heels clicking down the hall. You peacefully sit down and go over your case again. After about an hour your phone buzzes. Sighing, you look away from the dead body on the screen in front of you, you were analysing and now to your phone screen.

Where are u girl? Come 2 the hospital already, u'll be filled in with details later, it's a new case! xx

U no i'll be there on time, don't worry about it.
I'll leave when i'll leave
I'm on mi way!
Just finished a case now, great timing
Sorry, I blame Rouge

As you send that text another few come in. Checking the contact you raise an eyebrow, Shadow doesn't text you much.

Get to the hospital now

Tori said you'd be here

I don't like waiting

Good because I won't be long
I know Shadow, i'll be there asap
Give me a minute
Tell Tori Rouge was being annoying again
Yeah, yeah, got it

Grabbing your case notes and putting them away somewhere SAFE you exit your office to nearly be blown over by a gust of blue wind zooming past you. A small smile appears on your face.
"Sonic!" You call making the blue blur stop and also smile.
"What's up __?" He asked as you jog to catch up with him.
"Good, i'm guessing your heading towards the hostbital?" You ask earning a nod from him.

"Way past cool!"

As you head towards the hospital you decide to create conversation.
"So how's the love life?" You ask earning a scowl from Sonic and a giggle from you.
"About as good as yours." Sonic said a small smirk on his face. You pout and push him away slightly making him chuckle.
"Guess who has been appearing online? Our very own Sonic the hedgehog! You and Shadow even have your own ship name." You mention speed walking into the hostpital in case Sonic heard. "It's called Sonadow!"
"I prefer Shadic." Sonic mutters making you nearly choke. He must not know what a ship is. You both walk into the room you were needed and a cold voice welcomes you.
"Sonic. __."

"That's my name."
"Yeah, Shadow?"

You and Sonic share a sincere look before both walking opposite sides of Shadow who was looking through a microscope.
"Take a look at the body." He says. Sonic takes a step forward but Shadow rolls his eyes. "Not you, the other one." He says waving in your general direction. Shrugging you step towards the dead body on the table slab.
"..No injury..but it was a struggle...knew his's obvious how he died" You say putting on your gloves. Too see how long the man was dead you tilt his head back to inspect his eyes. You pause and turn to Shadow.
"Where are his eyes?" You ask. Shadow ignores your question and steps towards you. "You said it was obvious how he died. How?" He demanded now towering over you.

"Calm down please."
"Step back!"

Shadow's eyes soften a little.
"What happened?" He asked you again calmer. Sonic who was stood in the corner watching just face palmed. You smile and nod to Shadow.
"Well, I don't know why his eyes are missing but..." You pause a little. " The lump in his throat h-has been scratched out." You whisper as your throat becomes dry. "As lif by an animal, he can't breathe without it..." You feel your head become lighter and the light in the room becomes harsher, blinding even. Without another word you black out.