Sky quiz

Sky quiz

If you were sorted into the sky outlet in the last quiz then take this quick quiz to find out which bird you are.

published on June 04, 201218 responses 4
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Whats your favorite colour.

Snowy white.
I'm not to fussy.
Whatever matches my shoes.
Red, orange and yellow. The colours of fire.
Purple, red and white. Royal colours.
Anything bright.

Whats your opinion of B.E.A.S.T?
(Whats your opinion of school?)

Great! Theres loads of people there to chat with.
Great! It will lead me on new adventures!
Great! It could do with a shop though.
Great! Obviosly! I rule it!
Great! I learn so many new things there!
Rubbish! I hate it!

What do you think of vultures?
(What do you think of bullies.)

Horrible. Their fashon sense is UGLY!
Horrible. They are so mean!
Horrible. They disrupt my future plans.
Horrible. But I love to go on a good adventure to stop their evil plans.
Horrible. They barely talk and where's the fun in that?!
Great! They rule!

Whats your idea to improve the comunity?

Big buildings and sructures to improve the town.
More shops.
More sociol networking sites.
More plants to improve the landscape.
More libarys.
It needs to be worse though it's already rubbish.

Whats the best way to make a entrance to a party?

Burst in and take everything.
Tip-toe in and try not to make a scene.
Run strait to your friends to chat.
Make a glamorous entrance with beautiful clothes.
Call for attention so everyone knows your there.
Stroll in and tell a few jokes to please everyone.