This quiz will help you find out which outlet of B.E.A.S.T your in. After doing this move onto the quiz with the corresponding outlet to find which animal you are.

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Who would be your favorite best friend?

A really famous person.
Someone who would do anything for me.
Someone who will play with me.

Both of your friends are having a argument. What do you do?

Walk off. Its not your problem.
Make them both apologise to each other.
Take a side and start arguing.

Whats your best type of workout?

Vigerous training in the gym.
A a leasurly walk in the park.
A jouney around the world.

Your in a meeting and want to talk to everyone but there not noticing. How will you get everyones attention?

Shout "EVERYONE BE QUIET!" at the top of your voice.
Ask everyone politely for there attention.
Make a loud noise by banging two things together.

Your friends are going to sneak into the cinema and watch a movie thats to old for them would you.....

Go with them.
Suggest to go to the park instead.
Say that its not safe and they shoudn't do it.

If you could get an endless supply of one food what would it be?


Its your turn to set the latest fashon what would it be?

Some nice tops and trousers designed by you.
Anything. I don't really care.
The most expensive suits and dresses.

Wheres your best holiday destination?

The beach.
The jungle.

You win £10,000 in the lottery.
What do you spend it on?

Donate it to charity.
video games.
A holiday

If you had a super power what would it be?

X-ray vision.
Super strengh.