Boyfriend Quiz

Boyfriend Quiz

Have you ever wanted a boyfriend and not got one coz you dunno what type you want???!!!!! Well then this is the best quiz for you, it allows you to see what type of boy would fit you! Thanks!

published on June 03, 2012227 responses 20 4.6★ / 5

Do you want your guy to be smart?

Yeah super smart
Yeah but not like 'HE'S A NERD!'
Naaaahhh aslong as he's fit!!!!

Do you wanna guy to pin you against the wall and kiss you?

No eeeewwww thats gross!
Yeah but not too aggresivley!
TOTALLY!!! OMG! I want him to kiss me real hard!

What would you do on the first date?

Go to the libray and maybe do homework together........
Go to a resteraunt/go to the cinema
Go to a fotball match/go clubbing

When would you have sex?

Never!!! Oh well maybe when we are like 40 but not like frequently!
Well maybe 20 or 25 but not rushed
On the first date and like every night! Or maybe second date it depends how good he is in bed!

What would you do for your wedding?

Well we would finish our work first then get married at the library and NO alchol! We dont want drunks!
We would go to a nice big church and dance, some karakoe and drinks but not too overboard!
Dunno where, dont care, get drunk, get pregnant and then guess where it will go from there!