Wha part of an ice cream sundae are u?

Wha part of an ice cream sundae are u?

Are u a sweet and shy or are you loud and colorful or r u just right? take this quiz and find out

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How do u act?

u have opinions but u keep ur mouth shut
u give ppl what they want ;)
u help people when its right
ur always there for ppl
u blush and are graceful
u walk the walk and u talk the talk (yea i kno its corny :P)

Wha would u do on a fri?

go find the hottest party to go to
stay home
chill with hot guys/girls
do what ur friends want
call friends see what theyre doin
wait and see if some asks u to tag along but not dare to ask urself

Would u stand up for what u want/believe in?

hell yea!
id be quiet
id say something but not get noticed
i'd voice it and make sure people heard
id literally fight for it
id keep going even if everyone was against it

How would u tell someone u liked them?

How would u tell someone u liked them?
go up to them and say "i like ur face"
wait and see if they noticed
make sure they got the message but u werent broadcasting it
throw them hints ever once and a while
go up and ask them if theyre dtf
not do anything

What would be ur perfect date?

whatever the other person wants is fine want
full frontal snogging (kissing wit toungs)
a nice moonlit walk
a movie at home
a movie out