What Animal Are You? (8)

What animal are you? Are you a fierce lion or a sweet puppy? Find out now!

published on June 01, 201228 responses 4
What Animal Are You? (8)
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On a summer day, you are

With friends
Summer school for getting in trouble
so much ;)
At parties
Hanging around your house
Swimming Laps

On a Friday night you are

Taking naps- duh!
Practicing for your sport
Out on your date
Something dangerous X)
At a highschool party
Studying for finals

If you had to say one last thing before you die, it would be

Tell my mother I luv her
I'll be back
Every story has an ending
See you soon! Don't worry

In a number of friends (live friends, not on fb :))how many do you have??

3 best friends
im goin solo
1 best friend
Popular! bout 10-30 friends!!
i mainly have a group of people 2-7
lots- i have many but i have bout 6-9
real friends

My teacher thinks of me as

a little sidetracked sometimes cause
i always do things my way
too quiet to tell my personality
im the trouble maker by far
fun to be around but gets mad when i
make a joke at the wrong moment
always trying to please people but is
just kinda avarage
Perfect! My teacher loves me