What colour is your spirit?

What colour is your spirit?

What colour is your spirit? Is it an adventurous green or a warm orange? It's all based on your decisions and choices, play this quiz to find out! P.S. Please comment!

published on May 29, 2012131 responses 34
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What's your ideal day out?

A day at the beach.
A cool party with all your friends.
A shopping trip.
A day at the park with your best friends.
Not go out at all, stay inside and do your favorite thing.
Go swimming or go to a water park.
Anything fun!

Whats your ideal night in?

Camping in the garden.
You've already invited your friends over for a party.
Host a fashion show with you as the model (of course!)
Help your friends with their problems.
Read your favorite book/magazine.
Have a relaxing bath.
Something new to try.

Why the long face?

The beach has been polluted with rubbish!
You've been band from the disco!
Your favorite pair of heels don't fit anymore.
Your best friend is moving away!
Just having a bad day.
Your local swimming baths has closed down!
My friends are sad and i can't cheer them up!

What's your ideal birthday present?

An adventure pack-pack!
A v.i.p pass to the coolest club in town!
Loads of accessories!
Just a card to show someone cares will do just fine for me.
A friendship bracelet.
A free membership to the swimming baths!
A board game!

Best pair of shoes?

Hiking boots!
Mega high high heels!
Dancing shoes (has to be stylish!)
Anything comfortable (fluffy slippers!)
Multi-coloured, bright shoes!