Guess what you are

A simple quiz

published on August 29, 201024 responses 4 3.8★ / 5

If someone asked you to go and experience life with them you whould say

I am not moving but I can teach you much
Go kill your-self
I dont want to learn but, lets go have fun instead
Come child you have much to learn

If someone asked you a question you would probably tell them

The answer and if I don't know it they should go figure it out and bring the answer back
I don't know/ I don't care
Ummm... hey look what I found
Let us find your answer

Your favorite place would be

In a forest or garden
On the toilet
In the air
In one of the spiritual realms of the after-life

Who are your friends

The pepole I grew up around
Nobody I automaticly hate them
I dont have time to make many friends but, really any nice person along my travels
All those who worship me