Are you a romantist, realist, or somewhere in between

another short quiz

published on August 28, 201049 responses 7 4.9★ / 5

what do you care about more

using your imagination and finding salvation
making a formal business and spreading information
having a creative and imaginative business

what would you rather have

having a wonderful imagination, friends, and the afterlife
having a sucsessful career, family, and nice home

what do you like more

a place where there are no rules and people can freely connect the enviornment, express their imagination, practice any religion, but have no garuntee of protection
a place where there is protection, set rules, traditons, limited expression allowed, and a specified range of religion

what would u rather have

Electronics, plenty of technology, lots of buildings, but limited nature
Lots of nature, no electronics, limited technology, and little or no buildings

what sounds the best

Strait facts, tradition, money, science
Some of both
Imagination, no traditon, little money, religion