What flower are you? (3)

What flower are you? (3)

A pretty lily, a perfect rose, or maybe a feisty venus flytrap? Find out what flower you are in his quiz.

published on May 25, 201294 responses 13
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If you were a medicine, what would you want to do?

stop cough and cold
be a source of vitamins
I wouldn't want to help
help with meditation and calmness

Your having a bad hair day. What do you do?

Do everything you can to make it look better, even if it takes you forever
Put on a cute headband and then forget about it
Leave it but don't get too close to anyone the whole day
Take it as an opportunity to try out that funky new hairstyle you've been wanting to try

Your favorite outfit is......

Something totally wacky that doesn't match
Something mostly simple with a colorful jacket
Something very stylish that shows off your features
Something casual but fun

What is your favorite color out of these?


Before someone takes a picture of you, you......

don't do anything, you just wait and then throw out your best smile
Run out of the way! You don't want people taking pics of you
stick your tongue out at the camera
run your fingers through your hair and straighten your shirt

Your mom tells you to clean your room. What do you do?

Clean it until it is spotless and nothing is left unclean or untidy.
Ignore her
Tidy it and make it look presentable
Start headstrong and clean rapidly but towards the end die out

You're going to a new school. What do you do on your first day?

Go up to the first nice person you see and say hi
Stay to yourself and don't talk to anybody until you get used to things
Be SUPER nice to anyone who talks to you in hope of becoming their friend
Start trying to figure out how to manipulate your classmates

In a basketball game, you'd be the one....

Doing exactly what the coach told you not to
Making all of the perfect shots
sitting nervously waiting for your turn in the game
Cheering on all of your teammates

Which place sounds the most inviting to you?

Home Garden
Wet Marshland
Grassy field