What character are you?

What character are you?

A short quiz

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If you had to make a choice between fighting a god and loosing your wife and kids: you would

Walk away (you can always find a new wife)
Make a wish that your delima was solved
Kill someone close to the god, but flee when it is time to fight him
Fight the god(nothing compares to my strength)
Destroy anything the god throws at you, wish that someone whould help then go back and finish it your-self

You and a loyal friend have won many battles together but, now you find out there is a goddess who wants to obliterate him and all of his allies, for not marrying her: you would

sit back, laugh, watch, and say its not my problem( i wouldn't have been fighting in batlles anyway)
wish your friend luck( i whould not have been fighting in battles)
tell her your only weakness
wish to everyone for help and then help your friend afterwards
tell your friend you will have their back for anything other than this

Your friend killed some leaders who were your enemies, but then raped and killed some other country's women and now war is waged against him: you would

laugh at him and call him a dumbass
wish that i was always sucsessful
help him fight untill somethings really powerful like a god appears
tell him your strength is meant for justice and only fight countries that he did not rape
wish that my friend whould win all his battles, but tell him you will only fight for what is right

You and a random guy find a extremely hot person that wants to be impressed: you will

sit back from a distance stare at her in envy
wish that she would suddenly fall in love with you
kill the guy and rape the person
challenge the guy to spar with you
wish that she would fall in love with you and show off your talents

A person approaches you with an offer to give you anything you desire all you have to do is complete a few missions before a small group of people: you decide to

sit there i don't feel like doing anything
wish there was an easier way
accept the offer and struggle to get on top
start the mission and find the easiest way throughout them and possibly give up
start the missions, get discouraged, make some wishes, finish what I started