What's more embarrassing (hard choices)!!

What's more embarrassing (hard choices)!!

find out what your personality is when it comes to embarrassment. your results will giv you advice about how to handle total embarrassing moments.

published on May 23, 201286 responses 13
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when you fart out loud in class, you...

pretend it wasn't you
burst into tears

when you are walked in on you...

face turns bright red
cover ur naked body and slam the door back shut.

when you get hit in the butt with a ball...

you cry
you crack up

when there are boogurs drippin down your nose and there aint no tissues...

you cry and cover you nose
you sniff it up and smirk.

when your crush finds out you like him or her, and him or her laughs at you...

you tell him or her to shut up
you cry and hide yourself from him or her.