What is your mission?

What is your mission?

Find out what kind of a person are you.

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someone has stolen the old ladys bag. she asks you for help. what do you do?

of course, i help her! poor old lady! i will offer her all my help and get a thief to the jail!!
i call the police and tell them, what has happened.
i'm in a hurry. i really don't have time for that. sorry.

what do your friends say about you?

i'm the one they can count on whenever they want. i'm kinda their bodyguard.
i'm nice and fair, like a friend should be.
i don't have friends, really. i hang out with some people, but that doesn't make them my friends.

if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

i would arest every bad guy and offer help to poor people.
i would feed hungry people and help animals.
i would get as much money as possible spend the money for sweets or something.

who in the world do you love the most?

i love each and everyone, because they deserve it.
i love my friends and family.
i don't know exactly. probably myself.

what is your routine?

helping others.
play sports, hanging out with my friends...
what is a routine?