Which pet is right for you?

Which pet is right for you?

Would you like to know your ideal pet? Try this quiz and find out if you are ideal for a cat or maybe a hamster!

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You are invited to an all night party by your best friends, you dont know whether to go or not would you:

A. Go to the party and stay all night
B. Stay at home and relax
C. Stay for a couple of hours

There is a dog in the middle of the road, you call it over so it doesnt get run over,it wont listen,a car is coming it still doesnt move. Do you:

A.Be heroic and dive infront of the car quickly and drag the dog to safety
B.Do nothing and hope it gets out the way
C. Alert the driver about the dog

You are outside a cafe, a man walks past you, another man comes behind him and snatches his bag, you want to help him but you cant, do you:

A. Make a dangerous move and join in and help him
B. Do nothing and get on with your buisness
C. Ask someone to call the police or call them yourself

There is an abandoned kitten in an old warehouse, you feel guilty leaving it but you have no buisness entering the warehouse. Do you:

A.Enter the warehouse at your own risk and save the kitten
B.Leave the kitten and over come your guilt
C.Chutch the kitten out of the warehouse and take it to a rescue shelter

The till is broken in your local shop, the repair man is utterly useless and already left and you know how do fix it. Do you:

A.Play the superman role and fix the till
B.Not bother waisting your time and come back later
C.Ring a decent repair man and go