what is your current mood

come here and find out if your happy mad sad or in bettween

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pick a face


if someone calls you and gets the roung number you would say............

sorry roung number and hang up the phone
roung number you idot and slam the phone
roung number and slam the phone
you read the adress and dont answer it

your younger brother or sister asks you to play a game now what do you say

yeah sure i`d love too
no you idot can`t you see i am doing something
sorry not now
i am watching something maybe later

your dads boss comes over for dinner and says your so cute what do you say back

thank you
no i am a teenager i am not cute
um okay

your going shopping with your friend and she was 5 mins late what do you say

oh its okay it was only 5 mins lets go shopping
where have you been your 5 mins late your so stupied you should look at the time
hey where have you been oh okay lets go
how about we go tomorrow i am just tired

your friend sneeks up on you and scarrs you what do you do

laugh and say im gonna get you back
why did you do that, that was really rude you scarred me your so stuiped
wow you scarred me
oh my gosh you scarred me im gonna get you back

you just got all cuddled up on the couch then your mom says time to go shopping you say

okay mom i just gotta get dressed
ah come on i just sat dowm to watch my movie
okay fine
okay mom and grawl softely

you sit down for supper and you hate everything on your plate what si your reaction

you say mom can i trade this for this nicely
ah gross that looks ducusting
you look at it and say gross to your brother
you grawl quielty and turn red and want to punch something