Which character are you from mean girls?

Are you Cady, Regina, Gretchen or Damian? To find out, take this quiz!

published on May 19, 201263 responses 14 2.9★ / 5

How many pink stuff do you own? If you don't know, go check.

Hold on, I'm still counting.
None! Ew!

What's your fave tv show?

African animal films, no tv shows in Africa.
How many purses should I buy?

Who do you like more, Selena Gomez or Demi lovato?

Both! Selena is prettier, Demi is the better actress.
None! Ew!

Do you like monkeys?

Duh! I live with them.
Monkeys???? I had one as a pet and it threw up
in my purse!!!! Noo!!!

Are you emotionally strong?

Of course I am! I would never cry! It would make
me look like a baby!
No I am not.
Not really, soso.
Hello? I'm rich! Yes!