Which suite life on deck character are you?

Pretty pretty please take this quiz!! If you are a suite life fan, then be SURE to take it!

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What is your favorite hobby?

Eating corn
Eating chocolate

What is your favorite color?


What is 1 plus 1?

2, as you say, 1 plus 1 means a double, so the double of 1 is 2, the same as 1 plus one cause the number after 1 (another 1) is 2. So 2!
2, duuhh!
I'm thinking of the number..... Oh that reminds me better go to the sweet shop!! You know, on the boat.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

According to my calculations, I have 26 shoes, which is 52 pairs, but I only you the confiest ones.
60. Pairs. Of. Shoes.
Oh I have a poor family so 1?
Easy! 200... Around 200.

Did you like this quiz?

Yes, I did. I found it very interesting.
I'll think about about it, girlfriend...
Yay me!!! I got 237 new dresses! Wait, what?
Yeah! It was cool!