are you a fan of valentines day

come here and see if you love valentines day of you absoulutly hate it

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you wake up and realize it is valentines day what is your reaction

you shout yeah i love valentines i can't wait to get to school
you scream oh no it is valentines what shall i do cry cry cry
you say i better get my valentines cards

if the guy you have been crushing on for years ask's you out on valentines you

you say yes and everyone knows your screaming inside nudge your friends and say yes
your too busy crying you dont even look at him
you say yeah sure i'd love to

everyone in your class hands out there valentines and you find a giant card that says i am your secert admier what do you do

scream inside and ask your friends if they saw anyone put the card on your desk
you look at it and rip it a part and make sure everyone noteised
you say yeah really quitely and put it in your bag

your secert admire finally shows up and hands you a rose and chocolates what do you do

say oh thats so sweet and kiss him and ask him if he wants to go out
you take on look at him and poor milk all over his head
you say thank you and give him something in return

you go home and your parents are doing it you

say oh thats sweet and run up to your room
you scream my eyes stop it stop it stop and run up stairs crying
you quitely say eww and you run up stairs

you go out to a movie with your best friend and her boyfriend comes un invited what do you say

oh thats so sweet he can come if he wants
eww no i dont want you guys smuching either leave or the movie night is off
you say he can come and in the movie you tell your friend next time we will go alone

it is 12:00 and you are tired that means valentines is over what is your reaction

oh no i love valentines day i can't wait another year
yes i can't belive it is over then you go back to your normal self
you say oh valentines is over but dosen't mind that much