Which friend are you in your group?

Which friend are you in your group?

There are specific types of friends in every friend group...find out which one you are in yours! GIRLS ONLY!

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You and your friends are bored. you-

say "lets go do this- " and then you
wait around with your friends until
someone suggests something
are not bored-your texting your new
Make a joke about one of your
teachers (or some other inside joke
with your friends)
suggest a craft/project for you and
your friends to do together (like
making t-shirts)

You have a crush. You decide to _____. Your friends respond ________

tell all your friends. support and
think thats awesome!
keep it to yourself-until they
force it out of you. they think its
Tell them. They find it funny
Tell them. They roll their eyes-
because you say this all the time
tell them. they ask what you're gonna
make him

Your favorite color is-

Depends on my mood
Bright Neon colors!
Rainbow! and the colors not in the
rainbow...ALL OF THEM
light colors.
I have many i like-but some are UGLY

One of your friends just ran past the rest of your group crying. You-

Run after her and find out whats
are the one crying! :'(
suggest your friends make something
to cheer her up
say "come on, lets go check on her."
Tell your crying friend a joke to
cheer her up

The best song to describe your mind is

Mean-or Bleeding Love- or Round and
Classical Music
Leave it all to me. (iCarly)
Time of my Life