Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

The Innovation Personality Quiz is designed around three clusters, or personalities, which describe different types of Innovators. These will be further explored in the Central Saint Martins MA Innovation Management degree show and conference, June 15th-19th.

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In my job I am known as...

A person who likes to concentrate on the task
hand, a little geeky
Creative brain that rearranges old ideas, a little
all over the place!
The one keeping an eye on the big picture,
suggesting new ways to do things

When coming up with a new concept I like to...

Test it out on real-life situations
Come up with various sketches and show them
to others
Answer the brief as closely as I can

When I was at university...

I preferred to work on my own, coming up with
original ideas and practices
I loved learning from others and collaborated as
much as I could
I engaged in work strategically, making sure I
worked with the most talented people
depending on the project

When executing an idea I prefer to...

Use templates that guarantee a consistent result
Experiment with new processes and work with
new people each time
Let others execute it under my direction

When faced with an obstacle I...

Look for the most appropriate person to help
move forward
Explain it to someone else to get a new
Change direction to avoid the obstacle