are you a good friend?

are you a good friend?

are you a brilliant best friend or could you be better! take the quiz and find out!

published on August 23, 201060 responses 20
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your friend turns up at your house with the worst haircut ever!! she cant stop crying,do you...

give her a cuddle, get out all your hairbands, clips and bobbles and tell her you will fix it
tell her it will grow back then put on a funny film and hope she forgets about it
lend her a hat and tell her you are a bit busy you will talk to her about it later
laugh at her so much you get hiccups and text everyone you know to tell them how bad she looks

your friend loves ice skating and really wants you to go with her, you hate it,all you seem to do is fall over!! do you....

definitely go, you can put up with the bruises as long as your friend is happy
say yes you will go but let her know how much you hate it
say you might go but see what nice things she will do for you first
no way you would go! only a fool would do something they dont like just to make a friend happy

your friend is sick on the night you were both meant to be going to see the coolest film ever you have been waiting to see for ages, you...

forget about the film you are just worried about your friend and spend the night looking after her
sit with her to keep her company and try not to mention the film but still feeling a little bit upset that you missed it
you storm home angry that you missed the film but phone the next day to see if shes better
who cares if shes sick! you just give someone else her ticket and go anyway! why should you miss out just because shes sick

your friend wants to show you her new dress that she absolutely loves...its disgusting!! she is planning to wear it at the school disco, what do you do....

you tell her its pretty then pull out all your dresses and convince her one of them will look better for the disco and she should wear her dress to the next one
tell her the colour isnt right on her and show her some that look better
tell her you really dont like it and she needs to pick something different,
encourage her to wear it and look forward to everybody laughing at her at the disco

you and your friends are all sat around chatting, they start saying nasty things about a friend who isnt there, do you....

totally stick up for your friend, tell the other girls to stop being nasty and remind them of how they would feel if it was them getting talked about
you stay quiet and dont join in and mention to your friend later that they were not being so nice
join in a little but feel guilty about it and hope she doesnt find out what you were saying
you were the one who started it! the worse said the better, its fun