What kind of shoe are you?

What kind of shoe are you?

Are you a sandal, a heel? Ever want to find out? Here is your chance!

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Do you tell your friends your secrets?

Yes, I can trust them!
Yes, but I am not sure if I trust them!
No, but I think I could trust them if I tried!
No, I could never trust my friends!

Do you laugh a lot?

Yes, I laugh loads and I am always laughing at stupid stuff!
Yes, but I never mean it!
No, but I could laugh!
No, laughing's for loud people!

What is your favourite animal?

Guinea Pig

What is your hobby?

Being quiet and reading!
Out partying with friends!
Watching Telly
Gossiping on the phone!

How often do you wear make - up

Never, to bright!
Not always!
Sometimes, quite a lot!
All the time I couldn't live without it!