What is your username?!?!

What is your username?!?!

Take this quiz and figure out what your user name should be!!! You need a usewrname that suits your personality so here is the perfect way to find it!!:)

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If your mom tells you to wash the dishes what is your resonse?

Ok anything to help you mom!<3
ummmm....do you trust me with water?
i just got my nails done!!
No!! thats your job!

What is your favorite color?

I hate all of those choices!

Your curfue is at 9:00pm but there is a big party at 11:00pm what do you do?

Just go to bed i dont feel like arguing.
Go to bed you have to help the elderly tomorrow.
Sneak out shell never know
Beg my Dad he lets me do everything
Try going but get caught

What is your favorite show?

Jersey Shore
Wife Swap
The news

There is a fight at school what do you do?

Jump in!!
Break it up! Nobody needs to get hert.
Try stopping it but get knocked down in the process.
Try to announce whats goin on
Ignore it cuz theyre idiots for fighting.