What Monster High character are you? (1)

What Monster High character are you? (1)

take the quiz and find out what popular monster high charictar you are

published on May 13, 201297 responses 26 4.9★ / 5

describe yourself

fashoinble and cool
sweet kind loveable
amazing outgoing friendly
swimmer home girl curly style
ruler the best coolest
biker athlete amazing cool

what is your favourite color

purple and black they go with my nature
pink black an dyellow cause im sweet
green and blue their just me
blue and yellow they remind me of home
gold gold and more gold im the best ofcourse its gold
blue it matches my hair

who is your favourite monster high charictar

clawdeen wolf shes awsome just like me
draculara shes sweet like a cupcake
frankie stein shes an awsome girl and i think shes amazing
lagoona blue she is an amazing swimmer just like me
cleo de nile shes a ruler just like me
gouela yelps shes super amazing and i love her

have you got any monster high dolls

no but i want some
i have a couple and i want more
dont know what they are

what monster high dolls have you got

clawdeen wolf
frankie stein
lagoona blue
cleo de nile
gouela yelps
none of them but i have others
dont have any

do you like monster high

um...its ok
well its alright
dont know what it is

there is a math test you dident revise what do you do

say my brother ate my homework
well...em i dont really know i guess i would fake a sun stroke and stay home
i would probably take my arms of and hide them in my loker and say i lost them
say i have a swimming test and cant do the math i guess its belevable
i would tell my sister to give me the answers since she teaches at monster high sometimes
WHAT!!! i always revise so i have nothing to worry about

are you good at sewing

NO WAY!!! my claws get in the way i hate it
well im alright i guess
the best noone can beat me
yeah ok
no hate it its the worst
sorta well no

what is your favourite activity

giving fashoin advice
writing poems and hanging out with my boyfriend
sewing or stitching
swimming ofcourse
being the best OK!
going on a bike ride with my boyfriend

well did you love the quiz?

super cool
amazing mate
pretty cool