Are you a christmas lover?

Are you a christmas lover?

Do you love christmas? Are you christmas's #1 fan!

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You get up and its christmas eve! Whats your reaction?

You get up, start screaming and shouting 'YAY'!
You get up, shout your mum and shout 'Yay'!
You get up and tell your parents its christmas eve!
You go along with it and just do what you have to do!
You realise its christmas eve and start crying!

Its time to do something at lunch on christmas eve. What do you do?

Sit on your sofa, the christmas tree lights on with christmas music in the backround!
Sit eating lunch by the christmas tree watching telly!
Sit eating lunch listening to christmas music!
Sit eating lunch, its christmas eve who cares!!
Sit crying and punching the christmas tree!

Your about to go to bed on christmas eve, how do you feel?

Excited, your going to get presents!
Happy, but nervous!
Little bit happy, but it doesn't really bother me!
I feel normal, like I am going to bed on a normal day!
I can't get to sleep! I am crying to hard because I wish it WAS NOT christmas!

You wake up on christmas morning, whats your reaction?

OMG, ITS CHRISTMAS!!! *scream, scream*!!!
Its christmas!
Christmas? Oh, I can't remember!
Oh no! The worst day of the year!!!!!!!

What do you have for christmas lunch!?

Turkey, mashed potato, the traditional meal!
Mash and chicken, its kind of a roast!
Just some potatoes with gravy will do me!
The normal, fish and chips!
Whatever my family wants! I can't choose, I HATE CHRISTMAS!!

Its time to go to bed on christmas day! How are you feeling?

I am crying my eyes out! I don't want to wait another year!
I'm upset but nothing major!
I'm a little bit sad, but I have better things to worry about!
I don't care, its only christmas!
I am laughing my head off and so happy that christmas is OVER!!!!