What Birdie are you?

What Birdie are you?

Discover your inner birdie! Find out which Birdie moshling you are in 10 questions! Answer truthfully and have fun!

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Would you steal?

Only if it was something REALLY cool and awesome!
No! Never! Why would I steal?
Of course! Stealing is my passion!

What kind og glasses would you wear?

Big sunglasses
Stunt glasses
Reading glasses
Huge money glasses

What is your favorite thing out of these?

A disco ball!
Motorcycles, Cars, Flaming hoops!
Books, newspapers, magazines, etc
Money, jewlery, things worth stealing

What comes first out of these: Money, fun, smarts, or health


What do you do at a party?

PARTY! BE CRAZY! It's a party! Duh?
Show off your skills
Quietly sit somewhere and read, be anti-social
Steal other peoples valuables

What do you have planned for the future?

Im gonna be a famous DJ!
Im gonna be a stunt person!
Im going to be a proffesor or a scientist
A thief, so i'm going to be very rich!

What's your dream car?

A big sparkly, rainbow one!
A motorcycle with flames
An eco-friendly car
A limo, or im gonna steal someones car!

Do you believe in flying?

YES yes I do
Of course!
No, that's physically imposibble!
Not really

Are you more of a lone wolf, or a people pleaser?

A people pleaser! I love being around others and socializing!
People pleaser, I need SOMEONE to show my moves to!
A lone wolf and im very happy that way.
A lone wolf, my work must be done in secret, NO ONE MUST KNOW!

What is your favorite number of these?