Which member of One Direction would you be best for?

Which member of One Direction would you be best for?

This quiz decides which member of the much-loved band, One Direction, would be best for you, based in your personality.

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How would you describe yourself?

I am cute and have a good personality
I have a nice smile
I like carrots
I have a nice, pretty face
I have pretty, blue eyes

What month would you most like to have your birthday in?


How would others describe you?

Very funny, with a good sense of humor
Slightly shy, not very talkative
Very kind to others, and very pretty
Very kind, loving
Breathtakingly beautiful

If you were in a band, what role would you play?

You would be the vain one, always looking in a mirror
You would be the funny one
You would be the smart one
You would be the flirt
You would be the leader

What do you look for in a guy?

Someone funny that will make you have to use the bathroom all the time
Someone who is very good-looking and every girl has a crush on
Someone who is smart and slightly funny
Someone Irish who is nice and funny
Someone who looks at himself in the mirror a little TOO much

How old would you rather your boyfriend be?

19 and a quarter
19 and a half