What Beastie are you?

What Beastie are you?

Discover your inner Beastie! 10 questions filled with Beasties, beasties, and more Beasties! Answer truthfully and have fun!

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What do you do during your spare time?

Do something chaotic that causes mayhem everywhere!
Watch TV

What illness/pain are you most afraid of?

Burns or the hiccups
Not ever waking up from a nap
Paint poising
A bad cold

Where would you most like to live?

In or near a volcano/ Somewhere warm and tropical
On a ranch or farm, out in the country
In or near the jungle
Anywhere with a TV

What is your favorite color?

Red and/or orange
Black and/or white

How would you describe yourself?

Dangerous and outgoing, i'm a daredevil
Hard working and often very tired
Creative and artistic
Friendly, but a couch potato, i'm a TV junkie

What is your favorite food?

Hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages, or anything with SPICE
Pie, cookies, basically the whole idea or dessert
Meat, chicken, fish, im NOT a vegetarian!
Healthy greens and vegetation

What is your favorite pattern?


What do you hate the most out of these?

Fire extinguishers or cold places
Being woken up from a nap and the smell of manure
Water, pools, the idea of getting wet
Pepper and "We interrup this program"

What is your favorite animal?

Mythical creatures, specifically dragons
Hippos, rhinos, or elephants
Tigers, lions, cheetas, basically big cats
Pandas, Grizzlies, Polar Bears, Koalas, bears in general

What is your favorite number out of these?