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are you a morning girl

yeah totally so i can get up to do my chores
no what are you thinking

do you like school

duh who doesn't
are you mad, no
i like everything but the learning part

what time do you go to bed at

6:00 but sometimes my mom and dad let me stay up till 6:05
i party till 12:00 or later
around 10:00

do you play on the computer

only for studing
i play games on it all the time
i only go on it to talk to friends

on your birthday you usally.......

eat dinner with your mom and dad
go out to a night club with my friends
invite some of your friends over for dinner and a movie

do you like scary movies

my mom said i cant watch scary movies
oh yeah i love them so much
only if i am watching it with someone else

do you like music

i dont have enough time to listen to music i have homework duh
yeah it totally rocks i love ke$ha and taylor swift
i listen to t in the car

are you scarred of the dark

yeah but i have a night light
i used to be then i turned six
only if i just finished watching a scary movie