Does your crush like you? GIRLS ONLY

Does your crush like you? GIRLS ONLY

A more detailed and very ACCURATE way to tell if your crush likes you! This quiz should help!

published on May 10, 2012174 responses 28 4.4★ / 5

When your talking, where does he look?

My eyes.
The ground
My body
Anywhere but me

How do his friends act around or near you?

They are always laughing and pointing
at me.
His friends are my friends...
They don't notice me...
They don't act any different around
me then any one else...

So you have probably seen this before but you know I have to ask. Does he stare at you?

Yes like ALLLLL the time!!!!!!
Sometimes...When I catch him he
will either stay looking at me or
look away...
Sometimes but not really
No never.

Does he touch you ever?

Yes! Like my hair, hands, shoulder,
back, etc!!! <3
Sometimes his shoulder will bump
against mine, or our hands will
graze each other, or his knee will
hit mine under our desks
Nope. We have never touched ever. to poke me to get my
attention or whatever.

Do your friends think he likes you?

Yes! They keep hinting at us when we
are all together
They haven't really said...