What kind of friend are you?

What kind of friend are you?

Find out what kind of friend you truly are, probably what your friends think of you as too. ;)

published on May 08, 201236 responses 6
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How do you like to spend your free time?

Playing around with friends
At your house with a bunch of friends
At home in your room watching TV
Texting, texting AND MORE TEXTING!
Recording your epicness and posting it online
Studying and doing homework

How many really close friends do you have?

I guess people just decide to be great friends with me - I don't know how many!
I have about 5, but like to keep a low profile
I like to choose who to be my friend, about 8 or 9 suit my friend list :D
Oh yeah, hundreds! Everyone loves me! They just can't resist befriending me!
A few in my Maths class, my stationery and Maths book are all I really need!

You have just heard you are moving to a new school, how do you react?

If it's for the best then I don't mind, I will really miss my friends but I will make new ones! :)
I will miss all my friends and fans... maybe I'll get to be the center of attention in my new school.
I really don't want to move school. What if I get bullied? What if they don't like me?
Nooo! Don't shift me off to another school! I don't wanna go! I will miss my friends too much! I know, I'll run away!
It's totally cool, I know my friends will always stay in touch. I know everyone will adore me in my new school.
New school new classes! I hope they do something new like Geography. I can help my new teacher too ^^

How do you think your status is as a friend currently?

I don't really know or mind. All I know is I have a bunch of friends :3
I'm the most popular in class, I have dozens of followers and subscribers online. Everyone at school follows me too.
I don't think many people pay attention to me. I just come and go and have fun with friends.
Omigosh, I am so totally in with the popular peeps. Like all my friends are really popular and stuff :D
I'm like the center of attention where I am. Everyone's interested in my epic skillz :P
I just go with it. I have fun but study way more.

Which website do you prefer?

I like loads of websites, I can't choose!
Youtube, although I'm more of a comment geek.
Club Penguin or anything that my friends don't go on.
I so totally love Facebook, Twitter, MSN - great to keep up to speed with everything that's happening with everyone else :D
I like anything that allows me to show my personal life to the world so anyone can check how awesome I am.
I don't really use the internet, but I like math stuff like Mathletics and Revisewise.