Are you a tomboy or a girly girl

take this quiz and find out if you are a tomboy or a girl girl

published on August 22, 201073 responses 25 4.6★ / 5

do you like sports

if shopping counts as a sport then yes
yeah i love sports

what would you rather where

a t-shirt jeans and running shoes
a tank top a skirt and flip flops

what do you want for your birthday

a football or a bike
maybe some nail polish and make up

what is your ideal weekend

shopping and having sleepovers wit my friends
playing soccer with my friends

witch one of these books would you rather read

a fantsy book with a happy ending
a horror book with killing

do you like make up

no i hate it
a duh it makes me look hot

is your hair long or short

short it is better wen i am playing sports
long i would look stuiped if i had short hair

how would your friends describe you

awesome at sports and very daring
the best shopper at school and always there to help

on your first date where would you take your guy

to a romantic dinner then after we will go dance in the stars
to a night club with my friends

if you could change your name to anything what would it be

alice maddie kayla camila
mia gretchin zoey

whats your favourite drink

wine or coffee
beer, spirt or coke

what does your room usally look like

nice neat and pink
messy and gray