Are you messy?

Are you messy?

If there's one thing your teacher will be on top of you about, it's tidyness.

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What is in your pencil case?

Who knows? Anything but pencils
Pencils, index cards, sticky notes, etc.
Pencils, DUH. What else would go in a pencil case?

If you held your binder upside-down, what would fall out?

Nothing. Everything is clipped into the binder
Everything in the binder would fall out
A few non-hole punched papers would fall out

Where do you store your jacket after wearing it?

On the floor
In the closet
Draped over a chair

What do you usually do with the dishes after dinner?

Wash them
Put them in the sink
Leave them on the table

If you were to open your closet, what would you see?

A few mismatched shoes and clothes that don't fit in the dresser
An avalanche of my stuff pouring down on top of me
My clothes and shoes hung up properly and in line

Would people say you're messy?

No way

Would YOU say you're messy?

I have no reason to say that
I'm not sure