what type of neko are u

what type of neko are u

find out if grudge neko sweet neko sexy or completely kawaii enjoy (for boys and girls)

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a man walks up to with a smile and hand u a cookie

take cookie and puurr
hiss at him and take the entire box
take cookie and jump into a tree not likeing him

a woman walks up to and pets u

u puurrr and rub agianst d her hand
u hisss at her biting the weird stalkers hand
u sit there doing nuthin with a get away from me face

u find a box in the alley

u crawl in saying mine!!!!!!!!
u paint it pinks with lots of kawii decoratiions
who cares its a box? nya

u dog runs past u

u hop on hiss back purrring in crazy delight
u hiss and figth the urge to kill the stuiped mutt
u ignore the animal

if i gave u a cookie wat chu do?

take ur cookies and run
puurrrr like crazy ur my neww bff
hisss at u i dont want ur stuiped cookies