What Regular Show Character are you?

What Regular Show Character are you?

Ever wonder which crazy Regular Show Regular you resemble the most? If yes, take this fun quiz and find out :)

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Your work style is...

Do it quickly at last minute, just in time not to get in trouble, so that you can have time to "play."
Don't do it, don't even try... why try?
Do whatever jobs my friend is oding, and work as hard as them
Try, but get distracted.
Work , but add your own flirt and style to it
Get it done the second the order is given
Tell the other their job, make sure its done, and supervise
Do it, but in your own, wierd, unexplainable way.

Your dream job is...

Video Game Tester
Stay at home...
Candy Shop Owner
Speed Dater
None of the above... I'll do whatever (if my friend is doing it)

If you could be any "magical creature", what would you be?

Greek god
Gnome/ dwarf
Magical... no thanks, I have enough of that

Your weekend calender is booked with...

Stupid, funny events that most people wouldn't even think of!
Everday things, with my own twist.
Getting in trouble and slacking off
Mystical, magical, dangerous events.
Whatever my friend is doing
Video games.

Your friends describe you as...

Uptight & bossy
Shy & a good friend
Fun & flirty
Sort of a follower
Obnoxious & a little jelous
Crazy & weird
Immature & fun to be around
Knowledgable & Mature