Are you a douche?

Are you a douche?

How to tell if people think you're a douche bag. Sometimes you aren't sure.

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If you had $70 000 to buy a vehicle, what would you buy?

A chromed- out Hummer
A pre-owned Lamborghini

If you see a good looking girl from across the room, you...

Go over and introduce yourself
Yell "hey hottie" at her.

You're getting dressed to go out for the day. You choose:

A black tank top and a fedora with faded designer jeans.
A t shirt and jeans with a baseball cap.

You buy a dog with a purpose to...

Scare people so they think you're tough
Motivate you to go running

Typical tweet you would post would be:

"Hey everybody come out to my place tonight for a bonfire!"
Twitter is gay.
"Just finished up at the gym, gonna go grab some beers and hot chicks and get hammered."

What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

A pint of Guinness
Smirnoff Ice.