What Inside out emotion are you ?

Let's see what inside out emotion you are and hope you like my quizzes beacause I work hard on them!

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Your reaction to broccoli on pizza :

That's a great idea !!!! Yummy!!!!
Disgusting!!!! Poison!!!! Eww!!!!
That makes me cry !!!!
Looks scary!!!!
Thanks to Hawaiians and now you!!!! Gotta be kidding me!!!!

What's your favorite color ?


What emoji describes you most ?


What is your personality ?

Joyful nice and Jumpy
Sassy a Hater a Jealousy
Sad and mostly miserable
Scared of things
I have anger issues and needs anger management

Did you like this ?

Yes and that was awesome!!!!
I don't really care !!!!
Not really !!!!
I'm scared of my result !!!!
Leave me alone,stupid!!!!!

By everyone !!!!

Bye!!!! See you another time!!!!
Um...bye I hate you
Bye Bye get lost !!!!