What Spyro Elder are you?

What Spyro Elder are you?

Here is a quiz that will describe what dragon elder you are in Spyro dawn of the Dragon!

published on April 26, 201228 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

If a stranger came up to you and offered you £20 would you take it?

What do you think I am? A tramp?
yes please! £20, who'd turn that down?
Um, No thank you...
If I really needed it, yeah, but if I had money, I'd pass

Your favorite colour?


What element do you prefer?

The Blazing glory of fire
The quick Zapping electricity
The sharp mysterious ice
The calm Unusual Earth

What if your favourite time of day?

Morning; the start of a new day has come!
Afternoon; your halfway through your hardworking day
Sunset; When you say goodbye to the sun and hello to the stars
Dusk, were the stars twinkle brightly with the moon shining
Midnight; were you can go unseen, and nobody can see you

Your favorite band?

The Beatles
Black Veil Brides
My Chemical Romance

What kind of weather suits you most?

Nice breezy days, were you feel the sun, but there is a slight breeze
Scorching hot days, were I can laze around and do nothing
Unpredictable weather, one minute it could be sunny, the next, freezing
Cold days, When it snows and you can take in the fresh air

What do you think of school?

I hate it, I can't wait to get out, everything about it is horrible
Schools okay, I would prefer to get up later and finish earlier but hey ho
I love school! If we didn't go, we wouldn't know anything! Make the most of it!
it's okay, I use it to my advantage as some others don't get the choice

If you had the choice to do one of these things, what would it be?

Be able to breath underwater
Be able to Achieve the impossible
Have the ability to to turn invisible
Cure diseases like Cancer, and AIDS
have a whole new world, were you ban everything you don't want, and have everything you do want
Have the ability to never die
Be able to know everything that mankind doesn't know

Are you a quiet person?

Not really, although sometimes I am
in awkward situations
Yes, I prefer to listen
Sometimes, I prefer to talk than listen though
No, I talk all the time!

In your free time you;

Play sports!
Go out with my friends, of chat on social networks
Listen to music
Draw and eat
Revise and clean my room