What is your Warior cat status?

What is your Warior cat status?

Have you read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter? If you haven't, then go and do that right now before you take this quiz.This is where you can figure out what rank you would be in a warrior clan!

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You get an unwanted present from a relative. What do you do?

I take it anyway, maybe it will come of some use to me.
I choose careful words to thank my relative for the gift.
I calmly state my feelings for the gift.
I take the present, but I'll never use it. That would totally lower the small amount of popularity that I already have!
I think I'll keep it and use it to scare my friends.
I can't believe my relative would send this, don't they know me better?
I take it with a smile and decide to put it away in my closet.
My relatives never do anything that silly because I have the perfect family.

Your mom asks you to clean your room, but you had plans to go to a movie. What do you do?

Explain to the people I was going with that I can't-they've all had this happen to them before, so they'll understand.
I'll sit down and ponder whether or not to lie to my mom or clean my room.
I'll fight back, and argue with my mom until she gives in.
I'll plead to my mom, because going to this movie will finally get me noticed!
I'll hide everything under my bed and pretend that I cleaned.
I'll clean my room, because I'm sure the movie they chose sucked, because they have such poor taste.
I'll clean my room. I really could use the peace and quiet for a bit.
What? My mom never tells me to clean! That's what maids are for!

A friend of yours gets embarrassed by someone else and she feels very bad. What do you do?

Talk to her about what is wrong and Help them figure out what to do to make things better.
Decide for them what to do about it, and ask if she likes that.
Eagerly fight back at the person who embarrassed my friend!
Well, if I'm nice to them, then maybe she'll notice me more...
I'll play a big prank on their teaser!
My friend must be pretty weak to be so embarrassed by such a small thing. Let her deal with it.
I'll talk calmly with her and use my charming powers to make her smile again!
I'll talk to my friend about how I would feel if something like that happened to me, because I don't know what else to do!

You find a baby bird without it's mother. What do you do?

I bring it home and nurse it back to health, even if it wakes me up in the middle of the night.
I'll talk to my mom and look up what kind of bird it is, taking everything into consideration before I do anything.
Just let it die, its too weak anyway.
Well, I'm sure a lot of people would love to come and see it.Maybe I would even get the nickname: Bird Rescuer!
I should sneak it in and scare my mom!
That silly bird is too small and meager to deserve my help.
I would love to bring it home! It would be just like having a little brother!
Eeew! Who wants to touch a yucky little bird?

You tell a small fib that escalates into a huge lie. What do you do?

I tell my parents what happened, because the truth makes me feel relieved.
I think hard before I choose what seems best to do.
I keep the lie going,how bad could it be?
I don't want people to think badly of me, so I tell the truth.
I spin the lie until it suits me.
I am too sophisticated to lie.
I would never fib in the first place, but if I did, then I would immediately tell the truth.
My friends and family don't mind if I lie because they love me so much.