Could You Win the Hunger Games?

Could You Win the Hunger Games?

See if you died in the bloodbath, came in 2nd place, or became a victor of the Games. Take this quiz to find out!

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Only you, your ally, and three careers are left. You _____________________

kill your ally and hunt down those careers.
trust your ally so you two make a plan to make a big fire so the careers will find you.
let the careers slowly come to you, and try to not get to close to your "ally".

You and Cato are left. You know he is stronger tan you. You _________________

try to kill him with what's left of you.
stand your ground and try to suprise him.
hide high up in a tree and kill him when he isn't looking.

Some large creature is attacking your greatest ally. But, you are gonna need to kill that person sometime. You_______________

you see if the situation is okay to be in. If it is, you calmly sneek up on it and kill it.
abandon them. Mabey the careers would keep me safe.
run into the creature and attack with what you have. I probaly will die sometime.....

The careers almost always win. They could protect you. Do you make allies with them?

Of course! I could be safe and have all the supplies I need!
No way! The careers are too dangerous. You could survive on your own or make allies with someone you trust better.
I would, but mke sure you abandon them as soon as you don't need them.

The Games hve just started. The Cornicopia is full of things you need to survive, including water, food, and weapons. You decide to______________

RUN!!! There is a great chance you could get killed. Hopefully, there is a source of water nearby.
head into the Cornicopia. I know I probaly won't win, so trying can't hurt.
go to the nearest backpack, then I could make a weapon.