Which Harry Potter Character are you?

Which Harry Potter Character are you?

Are you Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, or Ginny? Take this quiz to find out!

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Who's your favorite teacher?

Hagrid. Don't we all love him?
Slughorn. He loves me.
Mostly all of them.
I guess Slughorn.
Snape. Snape. Severous Snape.

Which house do you belong in?

Probaly Gryffindor.
Well, my whole family comes from Gryffindor.
Anything but Slytheryn.
I look up to mmy family, so Gryffindor.

What is your best subject.

I am not bad at spells.
Pretty much everything.
I'm a potions preson, as long as Snape isn't there.
Does chess count?
Potions. As long as Snape's there.

Who is your crush?

Pansy Parkinson.

Do you like Quidditch?

It depends if I feel "lucky".
I like it, but I rather make trouble with Crabbe and Goyle.
YES!!! EVeryone says I am great at flying and be being seeker.
I much rather watch my friend do it or study for my O.W.L.s
Yeah, but only if Harry is with me.