which ninja will train u?

which ninja will train u?

hi im here again along with ryu hayabusa and my custom soul calibur 3 ninja azuru honda

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okay you are walking to a video game store and are attacked by assassins. what do you do?

okay you are walking to a video game store and are attacked by assassins. what do you do?
draw my katana and begin to slash them all
down .
ask "do you really wanna do this?" and if they
attack you draw out twin kunai knives and
strike quick, deadly blows until they are all

you win the battle with the assassins. after you get the game you wanted you are walking home and a group of mercenaries are molesting your girlfriend

bastards!!! kill them all with torn sky blast.
quietly sneak up behind them and stab them in the neck one by one with your kunai.

your girlfriend is bleeding so much she is pale.


take matters in your own hands accompanying her as she dies.
use your ninja teleporting skills to get her to a hospital. after she heals you promise to always be there to protect her.

what is your favorite colour.

dark purple.

the leader of the assassins you killed confronts you. you

engage him in combat and after a long epic battle you stab him in the face.
teleport behind him and stab him in the neck with one of your kunai.

last non rp question favorite food

dried persimmon

your girlfriend tells you she is secretly a member of that assassins cult that you ended you

apologize and kill her immediately
say it is okay and tell her that you ended the cult then take her to your bedroom for hours of long, passionate sex.

you find ichigo kurosaki and cloud stryfe in an epic battle you help

ichigo kill cloud
cloud kill ichigo

you are on the top of a 200 story building and you are surrounded by 30 mecenaries you

jump to entice the mercenaries to chase you and laugh as you watch them fall to their deaths
engage them in a fight to the death and go all out with your kunai.

are you perverted?