would you get a sponsor

would you get a sponsor

a quiz to find out if you would get a sponsor a hunger games personality quiz

published on April 20, 201251 responses 14
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your train is arriving at the capitol you

you sit and wave a little
you hide the capitol is evil
you joyfully wave at the crowd

you've arrived at the capitol as your walking you

look scared
look proud
wave and give high 5s

your getting prepped your stylist asks you witch outfit you want you say

one that shows my districts charecter
something that is dim and doesn't draw attention
somthing bright and flashy

your stylist suggests flame he says is fake you say

you think and then finally agree
no i'll die

your in training you look around you see a metal ball, a knife and some paints

you choose the knife
you choose the metal ball
you choose the paints

it's interview time you

stay quiet the capitol doesn't deserve to know about you
you act kind and sweet
you tell them about how good a fighter you are

the interviews are over as you walk of the stage you

wave and say good bye
walk of hands in your pokets
you walk of cursing and puncing the air

your partner from your district has just clamied he/she loves you

you say i love you back
you slap them
you stay silent you don't know if you like them yet

as your walking out you see a capitol women trip

you laugh at her the people in the capitol are such idiots
you walk away
you help her up

you see the careers come toward you

ask for an alliance
you tell them they're going down
you walk away save the fighting for the arena