Which Hunger Games Character Are You

Which Hunger Games Character Are You

Find out which hg character represents you the most! Are you Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Rue,or a career. Find out here!

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What would you do if you were chosen at the reaping?

Get up there and know you have to win for your sister's sake.
I would listen to the silence, no ones gonna volunteer.
I don't know. I WAS NOT CHOSEN!
Try my best to look brave.
I would run up there, and be ready to win!!!!!
How should I know? I was chosen forever ago.

Have you been in the games?

Yes, I have won.
I won with Peeta with me.
I won with someone special with me.
I watched them, but disliked it.
Yes I have.
I was but I died. Never underestimste District 12, or whats left of it.

What would you do as soon as the Games start?

Go to the Cornicopia. I need something to help me survive.
RUN! I would go to a water source and find shelter.
Set a snare and find dinner.
Hide up in a tall tree.
Go to the Cornicopia and get the deadlyiest weapon. Then I would find my alliance.
I would hope sponsers would send me a drink.

What is your weapon of choice?

My bow and arrows
My bow and arrows like Katniss!
I am handy with a knife and my words.
My intelligence and slingshot.
A sword.
How should I know? I won the ames a long time ago!

What is your favorite food?

Always something new in victors village!
I don't really mind.
Whatever I can get.
Mabey a groosling....
I rather have liquor.