Which of the Four Children are you?

Which of the Four Children are you?

Out of the four children during the Passover seder (Wise, Wicked, Simple, and the One who doesn't Know how to Ask) which are you most similar to?

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What might you ask if you see matzah on a plate?

How does matzah represent freedom and
slavery at the same time?
Why do we even have to eat this?
Let's just get to the real meal!
What is this again? I vaguely
remember it from before...
Yum, tastes like a cracker.

What might you be doing while the Seder takes place?

Texting my friends, checking my
nails, complaining, and fixing my
split ends.
Sitting their bored.
In the other room with the other
younger children whose parents had
to take them out
Studying the book, and following
along with the adults

What is your favorite thing to eat during the seder?

I normally just eat the brisket and
potatoes they put out.
I don't normally have time to eat,
I am so into the story, that I am
studying it even more!
I eat EVERYTHING! This is the only
reason I sit through that boring
thing. Normally, after I take my
helping, there's no more for anyone
I ate before while the seder was
going on. My mom got whatever was
out for me.

What do you do after the meal is over?

Well, I eat earlier so I'm normally
back to playing with the younger
kids! (I am barely in the Seder!)
I go upstairs to my computer to
chat with my friends. I normally
fall asleep after that
I sit and wait
I come back and sing prayers with my
family. I study each of the prayers!

What do you do when you see the other children at the Seder?

Ignore them. They are losers. I
have better people to talk with
like my friends.
I sit and stare at them
I would love to get to know them
but I have to participate during
the Seder!
I normally don't talk to them. I
normally hang out with the younger
kids anyway!

What is your favorite part of the Seder?

Stealing other people's food!
I don't know! There are so many fun
and interesting things!
Playing barbies with the toddlers!

Do you sing the four questions?

I normally am in another room! I
don't know how to sing it anyway.
I normally back out of it.
No way. Like I wanna sing stuff in
Even though I am not the youngest, I
normally offer to do it!

At what points do you leave during the seder?

I'm always in a different room!
Whenever my mom's not looking I'll
slip out to pee
I leave quite often to get a break of
the boringness.

What's your most asked question?

When's it over?
When's the food coming out!?
I don't know, I ask a lot.
Can I play with that barbie now?

If you see marror, what do you say?

Are there any other vegetable or
foods that could represent the
What's the big deal about eating
marror? Now that we're all free,
why remember the bad times?
Hmmm, whats that again?

Do you keep Passover?

Pretty much
I eat whatever my mommy gives me, so
ask her
Nah, I went to the movies with my
friends and got popcorn and Oreo
ice cream
Of course! Silly question!

What do you say when leaving the seder?

I had wonderful time! Now, hold on,
how did you make your wonderful
roasted potatoes?
Bye. Thanks!
I'm tired
Let's get outta here! I needa wake up
early for a soccer game!