are you emo?

have you ever wondered if you were emo becuz you like black clothe and skulls? well now you will find out once and for all if you are really emo!

published on August 05, 2010136 responses 40
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What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to cut myself, write poetry. and think about how i hate the world
i like to go outside, play computer games, and hang out with friends

What do you do when you get a cut?

I put it there, so nothing.
I yell and scream and cry for the pain to stop

what do you do with your friends?

I dont have any friends
I do lots of stuff with my group of friends
we look in the lastest knife catalog
we play games with each other

what do you wear to school?

I wear a black hoodie with black skin tight jeans and converse
I wear a t shirt with jeans and my reeboks

where do you go after school?

to a friends house to do stuff
i go to house, where else?
i would rather not say...
he gun store

what music do you listen to?

punk, rock, metal, screemo
pop, rap, hip hop, R n' B, other

who do you pray to?

the devil

what color pair do like out of these?

green/ blue
black/ purple
pink/ orange
navy blue / grey

do u have a crush?

no. most boys discust me.

who is your role model in life?

i would have to say my mom and dad. they r sooo awesome!
no one. my dad is dead, my mom's a drunk and my teachers all suck.