What song best fits your crush situation?

What song best fits your crush situation?

This quiz will tell you what song describes your situation with your crush. Have fun!

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So, is your crush single?

No he/she is dating me!!!!!!
No :(

Have you ever wanted 2 snuggle w/ them staring into a beatiful stary night?

acutaly, we have done that.
no! me:you have a lying smile on your face
i'd rather be alone in a dark room w/ them. ;D

Have you ever asked them out,or ever concitered asking them out?

i thought about it, but if i do, everyone will find out!
we're already dating,so uh ya
i'm too over welmed by they're good looks to do it.

will you love them FOREVER?

i'd stop liking them if they some how got ugly
i have a crush...
i don't love them! (you thinking: yes i do) :(

whats ONE think you want 2 do w/ your crush?

dance or sing w/ them!
slow dance w/ them
nothing! (i don't love them! me: yes you do!)
something dirty ;D

pich a lyric

no chance,no way i won't say it no,no
i'm trying 2 walk away but i know this crush ain't going away
my wish 4 you is that this life becomes all that you want it to
your love, your love, your love is my drug