Your Degrassi boyfriend.

Your Degrassi boyfriend.

See who you would date if you go to degrassi.

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What do you like in a guy?

Dark Features
His Style
Bad Boy

How would you like to spend your day/night?

With Friends or Rocking out. In a band.
Shopping. Need a new pair of shoes.
Watching a foot ball game. Hot guys in tight pants.
Going to a rock concert. Love the excitement.
Beating someone up.. It thrills me.

What's your favorite colors on a guy?

Red and Blue. Shows they are not to Girly
Grey and Brown. Shows they are business like.
Pink and light blue. Shows they have style
Black and Green. Shows they express not by colors.
Black and Red. Shows they love Blood and black eyes.

Your favorite feature about a guy?

Hot. Grr Thats my man.
Money. At least he has money.
Body. He plays sports, sexy.
Mystery. I wonder what he's thinking.
Tough. He will protect me.

Your favorite eye color?

Black. So rare.
Blue. Sensitive.
Brown. Deep Color.
Green. Beautiful.
Red. Never seen.

Favorite Body part?

Legs. So Tall.
Eyes. Shows The truth.
Chest. Love them cut up.
Lip. Full and lovable.
Fist. Need a bodyguard.

Favorite Part about the fair?

Concert/Swords men.
None. I'm to good for the fair.
Magic Act/Rides
Dunking people.

Where is your Dream job?

In a band. Music is my life.
Owning a business. Love he money.
Playing football. I love the fame.
Poetry Writer. Need to express my feelings.
Pro Boxer. Anyone one to punch.

Favorite Shoe?

Etnies. Big and comfy.
Heels. So Costly.
Tennies. I got to run.
Converse. Style is Awesome.
Boots. Hard for when I kick something.

Last Question. What are you thinking?

That was long.
Waste of my time.
I wonder who my crush is?
Wonder what I'll pick.