What's Your Financial Personality

Find out if your "A Vault", "A Big Spender" or in between. Unlock your who your are financially and receive advice on how to improve.

published on April 17, 20125 responses 0
What's Your Financial Personality
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My monthly budget is:

What budget? I spend what I need to,
when I need to.
Something my parents think I should
put together that might help me.
Very fluid, depending on what’s going
on this month.
A set amount. I rarely overspend.

At any given time,I:

Am not exactly sure how much money
I have because my expenses vary
to month, and I don’t like to miss
out when there’s a great concert or
my friends
invite me out to dinner.
Don’t know where I put the bills
I’m supposed to pay. I’ve got other
things on my
mind so I try not to think about it
– they’ll send another bill next
Have $20 in my wallet, but it never
seems to last, especially if I come
someone in need.
Know exactly how much I have and when
all of my bills are due.

Savings are:

Not my thing. I spend what I have.
Something I’m sure I need, but not
top of mind right now.
Nice to have, but my commitment to
my social values, friends,
significant other
and family come first.
Crucial to the long term and for
big purchases like a car, vacation
new laptop.

I have a credit card or emergency savings because:

When there is something I really
want, I don’t let anything stand in
my way.
My parents set this up for me to
make sure I had one “just in case”
– I’ve had it
ever since.
It’s nice if I’m a little short and
don’t have quite enough to cover it.
It’s practical as a last resort in
case something unexpected happens.

If I received an unexpected $500, I would:

Put some of it toward my credit
card bill and then buy myself an
early birthday
present. Hey, I deserve it!
What’s the rush? I’d hang onto it
until I figured out what to do with
it – someday.
Pay some bills, stock up on groceries
and hopefully save a little.
Put it straight in my savings account
– lucky me!

I feel best about my spending and myself when I:

Live large – I seize opportunities as
soon as they arise!
Let someone else sweat the details.
Help friends and family or contribute
to causes I’m passionate about.
Create a plan, weigh the options and
make a move.